Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been trying out a lot of the stuff we talked about in class about the "AND", "OR", and "NOT". So I tried it out on Google. I thought I'd experiment to just see what sort of results I would get. I typed in "cancer treatment -money" to see if I could get information about just cancer treatments NOT including the financial information. I want the financial information too but I would like to receive them from sites that ONLY talk about treatments OR sites that ONLY talk about financial costs of cancer. I think I might get higher quality sites this way instead of sites that just contain a lot of information. Interestingly, the search took me straight to the national cancer institute. After examining the site, the national cancer institute does not have a lot of information on the financial cost, but instead on the treatment itself. This way of searched seemed to be very productive for me. I think it will be a sensible way to get good information not lots of information. I'm after quality, not quantity.

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