Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1, 2, 3 Step Process of Development

1-The single most pressing question for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer is "What do i do now?"

2- There are many emotions that come into play for someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer. Fear and anger are common emotions but the greatest emotion is probably worry. Confusion about what to do next is the biggest issue on a cancer patients mind. I've known people who have been diagnosed with cancer, but I want to see what process they go through in order to get the treatment that they need.

3-A better assessment of the emotions involved with being diagnosed with cancer will allow me to better determine why people choose the kind of treatments that they do. I want to talk to a doctor or patient involved with cancer, and get their assessment on the process of getting treatment. Clear options and a firm grasp of one's emotions will help eliminate some of the worry that arises after diagnoses.

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