Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Information needed

In order to research this topic, information will need to be found and documented. Several key pieces of information will be vital to the reasearch of this topic. Information on the types of treatment options for cancer will need to be found. Facts will need to be determined about the nature of each option. The cost of each treatment option will also need to be discovered. Data will need to be discovered about new and innovative treatment options that are being offered. An investigation will also need to be done on the research being formed about these new treatments. All information should be documented in the correct way.

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Alani D. said...

I think you should specify what facts that you need in the context of what you are writing. That will make it more defined and easier to organize your research. Ask yourself:

What is it that I need?
How do I plan to use this information to supplement my topic?
How specific does this information need to be?