Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What are the costs and benefits of treatment options for Cancer?

The beginning of the twenty-first century has ushered in new treatments options for cancer. In the past, treatment options for cancer were limited. New and advanced treatments have developed in the last few years. However, with new treatments come new costs. Can the newly developed treatment options be affordable to everyone? How costly were the old treatment methods? What are some of the complications of the new and old methods?
From new FDA approved drugs to entirely original procedures, huge strides are being made in the fight against cancer. Treatments include, but are not limited to: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, individual cancer drugs, and bisphosphonates. The options for cancer treatment are growing; and with the help of support groups, the costs are decreasing.

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Beth said...

Are you researching cancer in general? That seems like a sort of broad topic. You may have to focus your research on a more specific type of cancer later on.
But honestly, I don't really know that much so it may work out for you just fine. It's a good topic.

Trevor Locklear said...

I think beth has a point because certain cancers are treated certain ways.